Can't play a guitar? 
We guarantee you can play this one.

MI Guitar is a new type of guitar that you can pick up and play, instantly. By reinventing the fretboard of a traditional guitar, MI Guitar simplifies playing so anyone can play their favorite songs at first sight, or create their own original music -  without musical training.
"For people who don't have the time to learn the guitar, Magic Instruments is the ultimate shortcut - you’ll be strumming your favorite songs in minutes. For singers and non-guitar playing musicians, it’s also great tool for songwriting."
Matthew Bellamy,
Lead Guitarist / Singer of Muse
2016 Grammy Winner for Best Rock Album

Magic happens with a single touch.

Like a traditional model, this guitar features strings for fingerpicking and strumming. But on the fretboard it has buttons that play entire chords with a single touch. Pair it with our companion mobile app so you can play songs virtually instantly, rather than having to master awkward finger positions.

Designed to allow anyone to instantly play music.

Music shouldn't be hard.

With so many options to choose from, the hardest part of recreating your favorite music is picking which song to play first. Our companion mobile app enables you to find lyrics and chords instantly, which can be followed via an intuitive karaoke-style display.

Your ears won't believe what your hands can do.

Make your own music.

You’ll be surprised how easily you will start to express yourself musically. Whether you’re writing a song or just jamming away, your last 30 minutes will always be recorded. So it’s easy to play back a tune or share something special with friends and family online.

Easy play back and share your creation.

Product details
our team
Brian Fan
CEO and Co-Founder

Brian is a lifelong musician who studied piano and music theory for 9 years at The Juilliard School’s Pre-College Division in New York City. His business career has spanned software, consumer marketing, finance and cleantech, with roles at Microsoft,, Procter & Gamble, Disney, and Masdar. Brian has a Bachelors of Science in Economics from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Mark Liebman
CTO and Co-Founder

Mark has been making hardware, software, and portals for music, media, and computer graphics since his first engineering jobs as a teenager. He’s a veteran of both corporate roles and numerous startups. He’s served a diverse set of clients including Pixar, National Geographic, The Bank of NY, the US Federal Reserve, and U.S. Naval Intelligence— wherever he can passionately create solutions which make a real difference for users and stakeholders alike.

Andrew Song
Director of Marketing and Co-Founder

Andrew has been an avid consumer hardware enthusiast since he took apart his father's SLR camera as a toddler. He graduated from New York University with a degree in Economics. Since then, he's had various roles in business development, product management, and economic consulting with companies including CNET, Analysis Group, Massdrop, and Indiegogo. Throughout his career he has been passionate about leveraging technology to democratize access to capital, technical careers, consumer products, and now music.

Chris Glaister
VP of Hardware

Chris’ core skills are centered on product design, development and mechanical engineering, rounded with experience in industrial design, brand strategy, marketing, and business development. His experience spans working for hardware startups such as Athos, to consulting on design programs with blue chip clients at IDEO. With 11+ years leading design and development of consumer hardware products from concept to shelf, he brings the experience required to get products to market efficiently. 

Shivanshu Singh
Director of Engineering

Shivanshu is an engineering thought leader with years of experience and a history of delivering cutting-edge engineering projects, building and leading successful teams and complex systems. Shiv heads up software product and engineering at Magic Instruments. His prior experience includes working at and advising numerous software and IoT companies like Athos, Location Labs ($250M exit), House Canary, Saba, Mobedio and Lunomics. Before that, he was at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science, researching Software Product Lines, Module Systems and Composability, addressing the challenges of composability assurance in open world plugin based systems. Shivanshu has multiple degrees in software engineering and computer science. When not busy building things, he loves to ponder over the human aspects of technology and organizations, squash and writing instruments.

Y Combinator

Y Combinator is an American seed accelerator, started in March 2005. Fast Company has called YC "the world's most powerful start-up incubator". It provides seed funding for startups. Seed funding is the earliest stage of venture funding. It pays your expenses while you’re getting started.

Ammunition Group

Ammunition is a San Francisco-based design studio with expertise in physical and digital product design, brand identity, user experience, graphic design and brand identity. Ammunition is known for creating iconic hardware for companies including Adobe, Beats by Dr. Dre, Polaroid, Square and UNICEF, among others.


Highway1, a division of PCH, is the premier hardware startup accelerator. Highway1 looks for great hardware startups, with an exciting business idea and a compelling prototype. Highway1 helps design products that deliver real value to customers, that are delightful to use and that can be manufactured at scale.

MI Guitar.

Can't play a guitar? 
We guarantee you can play this one.